JD blog cameoJ.D. is a doctoral candidate at Miami University, Ohio. He works in Dr. Lee’s laboratory and studies insect cryobiology. This is his 2nd trip to the Antarctic.


Please check out the photos of J.D below! 

Nat_5744 Nat_5741 Nat_5393 Nat_5372 Nat_5164 Nat_5158 Nat_4624 Nat_4621 Nat_4602 Nat_4570 Nat_4562 Nat_4514 Nat_4477 Nat_4476 Nat_4345 Nat_4334 Nat_4317 Nat_4311 Nat_4268 Nat_4266 DrewP3224 DrewP3215 DrewP3197 DrewP3181 DrewP2897 DrewP2379 DrewP0591 Drew.Zoolander Drew.JDizzle