Drew.HeadshotDrew is a doctoral candidate at Ohio State University. He works in Dr. Denlinger’s laboratory and studies insect molecular physiology  and evolution. This is his 2nd trip to the Antarctic. He is also a talented photographer. You can check out his Antarctic photos here:



Please check out the photos of Drew below!

Nat_6082                       Nat_5882                       Nat_5374                       Nat_5303                       Nat_5256                       Nat_5200                       Nat_5167                       Nat_5161                       Nat_4312                       Nat_4235                       Nat_4186                       Nat_4123                   Nat_4102                  JD._7643               JD._6903             JD._6363            JD._6061 (1)          JD.J.D._5882         J.D._5237       J.D._5235   J.D._4922   J.D._4706   J.D._4686   DrewP3551   Drew.Headshot