2016 & 2017 Antarctic Research Team


Front Row: Natalie Ylizarde, Drew Spacht                           Back Row: Dr. Dave Denlinger, J.D. Gantz, Dr. Richard Lee                                    

We study one insect and its name is Belgica antarctica. Not surprisingly, we are know as “The Buggers” here at Palmer Station, Antarctica. In fact, this wingless fly is the southernmost, free living insect in Antarctica and it’s the largest animal that remains on land throughout the year.

Life Cycle of Belgica antarctica


Larval Stage


Adult Stage

Photos by: Dr. Richard Lee

In its two-year life cycle, Belgica antarctica under goes complete metamorphosis. It spends most of its time in its larval stage. Adults of Belgica antarctica live for only 10 days during the Antarctic summer. Being the largest land animal on the continent, they only measure  3-4 mm in length!

Check out these photos of the Bugger Team in action below!

Nat_5814            Nat_5163            Nat_5159            Nat_4966            Nat_4915            Nat_4249            Nat_4224            Nat_4205            Nat_4196            Nat_4182            JD._8101            JD._8021            JD._7651            JD._7618         JD._7588        JD._7586      JD._7553     JD._7549    JD._7546   JD._7502     JD._7490    JD._7489    JD._7443    JD._7386    JD._7329    JD._6724    J.D._5818    J.D._5814