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Hello ‘Fly’ fans,

I just wanted to give you an update on Natalie’s whereabouts.  She and the Fly team are about 417 km from Palmer.  If you click on the map of the LMG location it will show an updated position:

I’ve also added a pic below so you can see their path so far (as of 9-10 am EST, Jan 02).

LMG postion 2 Jan 1400 UTC

LMG postion 2 Jan 1400 UTC


Lawrence M Gould Update — 8 Comments

    • Hola Sra. Soos’s 5th period clase de Espanol!

      Thank you for following our polar expedition! I look forward to sharing all of my adventures with you. I just arrived at Palmer a few days ago. Now that I’m settled into the research station, I’ll be providing updates on a regular basis, so stay tuned! Please tell Mrs. Soos (mi hermana) that I miss her very much and wish she could be here too.


    • Hola clases de espanol IV de Sra Soos,

      Thank you for following our polar travels! I just arrived to station a few days ago. Just got settled in and ready to share my adventures with you. Stay turned for several updates this week!


  1. ¡Buenos días!We hope you enjoy your stay. We can’t wait to see more pictures, especially los pingüinos!Spanish IV wishes you the best and safe travels!

    • Hola Clase de Spanish IV,

      Thank you for following our polar adventures! I have safely arrived to station and have been getting settled in the past few days. Stay tuned for many new updates this week. I have so much to share about my journey here.


  2. Hi Natalie!
    So happy to hear that you are safely situated at Palmer Station. We are eager to follow your adventures. We have many questions about Antarctica. Today we were wondering how ocean divers stay warm as they work in the frigid waters around Palmer Station. Do you know the answer, or could you ask any divers stationed at Palmer this season? Thank you!
    Stay safe.
    Stay warm.
    Keep us posted on the Belgica buzz and your Antarctic antics!
    Mrs. Betteley and 7th Grade Scientists

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