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As I settled into my airplane seat, I was so relieved to finally be internationally bound. This was going to be a long flight and I was ready to get some sleep. Eight hours and 15 minutes later, the airplane landed at my next waypoint. Any ideas where? I’ll give you a hint, I could see the Andes Mountains out my airplane window.


Check out this video to see where I landed.  

Since my next connecting flight was already boarding, I had to quickly get off the airplane, go through customs, and head to my next departing gate. If I were to miss this flight, I would be delayed for at least 2 days here because all other flights were full. Therefore, missing this flight could compromise my trip to the Antarctic.

tennis-shoes-297150_1280Fortunately, I was wearing my new running shoes. Although I’m no a marathon runner like my husband David (he has more medals than I can count), I sprinted to the finish line as fast as I could.

Not only was the lack of time a barrier, but so was my limited knowledge of the Spanish language. Although many airport signs were bilingual, I should have practiced some simple phrases beforehand. I kept thinking… Yo necesito my hermana, Senora Soos.  ¡Habla espanol muy bien! Yo hablo espanol un poco. 

When I reached my assigned gate, my heart sank. My flight number was not listed on the screen. Although the flight attendant patiently tried to explain the issue, I could only understand bits and pieces of the information. Fortunately, she wrote down a gate number and pointed the direction I had came. Now I understood… My gate had changed but I still had hope of getting onboard the airplane. So, off I sprinted again.

 ¡Ay, caramba!


Waypoint #3: How many miles have I traveled? How many more must I still go? 


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