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airport-signAs I approached the gate to my flight, I began recounting the extensive preparations leading up to this pivotal moment.

Indeed, traveling to Antarctica is no easy feat. In addition to the sheer logistics of getting there to do scientific research, my teammates and I also had to pass rigorous medical and dental examinations to ensure our “physical readiness” for the harsh Antarctic environment. Although this step can be tedious and time consuming, it is also very necessary for an expedition of this nature. With limited access to medical facilities in the Antarctic, it can take days to receive help for medical emergencies. 


With the physical qualification (PQ) process now behind me, it’s time to deploy for the ice continent.  It typically takes 8-10 days to travel to Palmer Station, Antarctica. You can check out my initial waypoints in this 20 second video below. Any guesses where I’ll be off to next?

Polar Ponder #3: How many modes of transportation will I need to get to Palmer Station, Antarctica? Check out the map below.




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